Linus® Smart Lock

The Linus® Smart Lock is a secure door lock that allows you to lock and unlock your door – no matter where you are. Access keyless entry, see who's coming and when, grant virtual guest keys, and check whether the door is open or closed. Enjoy peace of mind, protected by the latest Yale Smart Lock with 180 years of security expertise built in.

  • Remote functionalities (Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge required)
  • Guest management
  • Activity monitoring & notifications
  • DoorSense™ technology: know when your door is closed or left ajar
  • Two colours to match your door: Silver and Black


Lock compatibility Fits a wide range of doors - Is your lock compatible? Please visit the Compatibility
page on our website for recommendations on the cylinder options that are available in your country. 
Requirements  Free Yale Access app for iOS or Android smartphone. 
Communication frequency between Linus® and accessories  Bluetooth version: 4.2 - 2.4GHz. 
Technology between the Linus® Lock and smartphone  Bluetooth directly or via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is paired. 
Two-factor security  Your Yale Access account is protected with 2-factor authentication, which means that
on top of your password, the system will check your identity based on either an email
or phone number. 
Encryption  The Linus® Smart Lock uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology encryption,
as well as AES 128 bit and TLS encryptions, commonly referred to as bank level
Product Dimensions  58mm in width, 58mm in depth and 150mm in length. 
Product weight  623g including batteries. 
Battery types  4xAA (Alkaline recommended) for the Smart Lock. Batteries included. 

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