Escape door strike 332.80------F91

Product description

The compact construction of the effeff 332.80 allows rapid, straightforward mounting onto a wide variety of door frame and profiles.

The 332® fail-unlocked electric strike from effeff, designed especially for locking doors along escape routes, is considered the world's smallest escape door strike due to its small dimensions.

The compact design of the new effeff Escape Door Strike 332® is comparable with a standard electric strike, thus guaranteeing fast, simple installation in a wide variety of different profiles and frames.

A further advantage is the secure and reliable unlocking procedure under a preload of up to 3.000 N with a holding power of 100% in the event of a power failure. The escape door strike thus ensures that the door strike latch bolt functions reliably even o

Test certificate (MPA – Material Testing Institute – Dortmund) 120002494.10

Overview of Advantages

  • Radius latch
  • Compact design
  • Min. 2000 N, max. 3000 N holding power according to prEN13633 and prEN 13637
  • Unlocking under preload with 100% holding power
  • Monitoring contact is potential-free and armature contact is non-isolated *
  • Suitable for DL/DR and horizontal installation
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact fitting dimensions
  • Adjustable FaFix® latch: 4 mm adjustment range with 0.5 mm increments
  • Adjustable via Fix® grooves in housing
  • Monitoring flap moves together with the FaFix® screw-on attachment, i.e. the switching point always remains the same
  • Optionally available with fixed latch
  • Adjustable via Fix grooves in housing

Scope of delivery

  • 1 piece escape door strike


  • Can only be used as a supplementary locking device on fire doors
  • * Coupling Relay 7480 is required for parallel operation.
  • Armature contact not potential-free. Operation with effeff control terminals without coupling relay possible.
  • 24 V, with FaFix®

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